The structural design of the Cathedral of Avan reached a higher degree of perfection in the Church of  St. Hripsimē [618] and in similar structures such as the Monastery of the Holy Translators, the churches of Garnhovit and Sisavan in the vast and powerful Armenian province of Siwnik'. In contrast to Avan, the Church of St. Hripsimē are square-corned and the exterior walls under the apse are indented with trapezoidal niches. This arrangement results in thinner exterior walls while at the same time enhances the structural integrity and aesthetic balance of the overall edifice. The broad, massive outline of St. Hripsimē has an extraordinarily harmonious composition. Its lean, stable and yet soaring structure is a fitting match to Ararat and Aragaĉ which grace its background. The Church of St. Hripsimē is rightly considered a gem of VIIth Century Armenian architecture. The dome on pendentives becomes the unifying architectural characteristic of VIth and VIIth century Armenian churches.