The Ereruyk Basilica was built in the Vth Century. IT is considered one of the best remnants of early Christian architectural type. The Basilica is located on the eastern banks of the River Arax Erasx'], facing the City of Ani, in the Shirak Province of Greater Armenia. It is made of fine and hardy red tufa or tuff [an famous Armenian igneous rock quarried from the slopes of Mount Aragats - tuff was the quintessential rock chosen by the great architect Alexander T'amanian to create the modern Erevan in the first half of the XXth century]. In fact the igneous rock formations of Mount Aragats for centuries served as the depository for masonry building material of various purposes. A detailed architectural reconnaissance was done in late XIXth and early XXth centuries by the talented Armenian architectural archaeologist, T'oros Toramanian, who made detailed sketches and drew reconstruction drawings of the Ereruyk Basilica which help us better visualize and understand the original state of the intact Basilica. The southern portal which has been relatively well preserved [with most of the ornate carvings in tact] in of itself represents a rich and creative craftsmanship.